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Our Mission

Core A's Mission

  • Offer resources and a consultation service to develop state-of-the art preclinical kidney disease models to identify and test new therapeutic targets
  • Supply transgenic mice, sophisticated kidney and cardiovascular disease models and mouse phenotyping services
  • Provide access to human induced pluripotent stem cells from patient tissue samples for target validation and basic discovery research

Core A Services

NUmouse: Transgenic Mouse Strains for Kidney and Vascular Diseases

NUmouse is a repository of more than 50 genetically altered transgenic mice. Available strains include reporter lines, Cre-driver strains and targeted mutations.

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Genome Editing Services

Full-service genome editing services using conventional, BAC recombineering and Crispr approaches are available. Target selection, construct development, gnRNA design, ES cell selection, blastocyst injection and aggregations are all available to create new mouse models to interrogate candidate therapeutic targets for kidney and vascular diseases.

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Kidney and Cardiovascular Disease Models

Consultation and technical support for hypertension-associated, transplant kidney disease models is available.

  1. angiotensin II models of hypertension
  2. AAV-renin-mediated models of hypertension
  3. Kidney transplant surgeries in rodents
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Kidney and Cardiovascular Phenotyping Services

Consultation and technical services are offered to phenotype cardiovascular and kidney phenotypes.

  1. Tail cuff and telemetry blood pressure services
  2. 2-D Echocardiography for heart function
  3. GFR measurements in mice
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Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPSCs)

Consultation and technical support is provided to generate high-quality, validated iPSC cell lines from patient tissue samples for target validation and basic discovery research.

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Meet Our Navigators

Alvarez, Angel A

Angel A Alvarez

  • Research Assistant Professor of Neurology - Ken and Ruth Davee Department
Deb, Dilip

Dilip K Deb, PhD

  • dilip.deb( at )
Zhang, Zheng J

Zheng J Zhang

  • Research Professor of Surgery (Organ Transplantation)
  • zjzhang( at )

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