About nephroHUB

nephroHUB was developed by The Northwestern University George M. O’Brien Kidney Core Center (NU GoKidney). nephroHUB is the online portal that serves to convene investigators across institutions to achieve the center’s goals for kidney disease research.

NU GoKidney aims to promote and support innovative research leading to the discovery of novel nephrotherapeutics that will transform the prevention and treatment of kidney diseases and eventually lead to cures. The center’s ultimate goal is to ensure that potential therapeutic targets for kidney diseases are identified, tested in preclinical studies and advanced to first in human studies so that the pipeline for therapeutics development in nephrology is enhanced.

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Leadership Team


Associate Directors

Core Directors

Scott, Evan

Evan Scott, PhD

  • Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering
  • evan.scott( at )northwestern.edu

Program Directors

Judge, Sheila M

Sheila M Judge, PhD

  • Research Assistant Professor, Chemistry of Life Processes Institute Research Assistant Professor, Molecular Biosciences
Sosa-Pineda, Beatriz

Beatriz Sosa-Pineda, PhD

  • Professor of Medicine ( Nephroloogy and Hypertension)

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