We've curated a compilation of internal and external resources and tools to help researchers, nephrologists, kidney patients, and the public navigate the challenges and information around COVID-19.

Human Research

Our robust clinical research infrastructure married with unique resources, including the electronic data warehouse, genomic data repository, access to CKD biosamples and a transplant kidney tissue biorepository, will ensure that preclinical discoveries are safely and ethically translated into the right patient population.

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Nanomedicine and Biosensors

We will leverage the world’s leading expertise at the Northwestern International Institute for Nanotechnology and the Simpson and Querrey Center for Nanomedicine to provide nanotechnology-based design guidance for chemical, biological and cellular therapeutics targeting to enhance their delivery to the kidney and other relevant tissue/organ targets for enhanced therapeutic efficacy.  Collaborations with engineering experts will allow for investigation of applications of wearable microfluidic devices (or biosensors) for early diagnosis of kidney diseases and real-time monitoring of treatment efficacies.

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Therapeutic Development

Northwestern University is the home of many state-of-the-art core services for therapeutics design, production, and validation, including the Chemistry of Life Processes Institute, the Center for Developmental Therapeutics and the Mathews Center for Cellular Therapy. We will leverage this broad expertise in transformative biologics, drug discovery and cellular therapeutics for development of experimental biological and small molecule therapeutics and cellular therapeutics targeting kidney disease-specific pathogenesis.

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The Innovation and New Ventures Office offers robust support for innovation and commercialization and a track record in acquiring FDA approval for therapies developed at Northwestern University.

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