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The inaugural National Physical Sciences-Kidney Center is set to merge physical sciences with kidney disease research. The center will equip kidney researchers with state-of-the-art technologies, enabling them to focus on cell-specific variations for both therapeutic and molecular targeting. NUGoKidney and nephroHUB are dedicated to bolstering regional, national, and international efforts in discovering and advancing new treatments for kidney disease patients by collaborating across multiple institutions.


  1. Leveraging Advancements in Physical Sciences: This goal focuses on utilizing the latest developments in physical sciences to introduce innovative solutions for unresolved issues in kidney research and discovery.

  2. Facilitating Access to Physical Science Resources: The aim here is to ensure the wider kidney research community has straightforward access to essential physical science tools, reagents, and platforms, thereby enhancing their research capabilities and fostering breakthroughs in innovation.

  3. Train the next generation of therapeutics-focused investigators in nephrology.

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