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NU GoKidney and nephroHUB aim to strengthen the regional, national and international capacity to identify, test and advance the development of novel therapeutics for patients with kidney diseases by engaging across multiple institutions.


  1. The ultimate goal is to ensure that potential therapeutic targets for kidney diseases are identified, tested in preclinical studies and advanced to first in human studies so that the pipeline for therapeutics development in nephrology is enhanced.
  2. Improve the way novel therapeutic targets for kidney diseases are identified and developed by creating a new infrastructure for collaborative cross-disciplinary research.
  3. Engage patients another stakeholders in research partnerships. Establish best practices for therapeutics development in nephrology.
  4. Provide proof of concept for innovative cross-disciplinary approaches for therapeutics development in nephrology.
  5. Make available to the greater research community data, tools and resources produced by the center to promote collaborative partnerships and to propel transformative therapeutics research in nephrology.
  6. Train the next generation of therapeutics-focused investigators in nephrology.

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