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The Resource Core Center at Northwestern University comprises two main sections: the Biomedical Resource Core and the Resource Development Core, both headed by distinguished scientists. These leaders work to bridge the divide between physical science and kidney research, fostering collaboration and innovation in this interdisciplinary field.

BRC - Biomedical Resource Core

The Biomedical Resource Core will provide access to validated, cutting-edge nanotechnologies and services to the national kidney research community harnessing the power of nanotechnology to advance kidney health. It aims to attract new investigators, including those from the physical sciences to the field of kidney research.


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RDC - Resource Development Core

The Resource Development Core serves as an incubator for the advancement and validation of emerging technologies in kidney research. This includes developing tools for delivering short RNAs to specific kidney cell types, platforms for single kidney cell analysis in drug or disease screens, and technologies for mapping kidney structures and functions

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