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BRC – Biomedical Resource Core

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Our Mission

Core's Mission

Our Biomedical Resource Core aims to advance small molecule therapies by optimizing efficacy and minimizing unintended side effects. Our focus is on empowering kidney research through the innovative application of nanotechnology, addressing a diverse array of scientific inquiries.



Biomedical Resource Core Services

Guidance in Molecular and Cell Target Selection

Our Core co-directors will assist in identifying specific molecular targets for precise drug and payload delivery in the kidney.
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Nanoparticle Carrier Selection Assistance:

Co-directors will aid in choosing suitable nanocarriers that align with molecular targets for specific kidney sub-regions.
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Synthesis and Attachment of Targeting Moieties

After selecting ligands and appropriate nanocarriers, the Core will oversee the synthesis of targeting moieties, leveraging the capabilities of the Peptide Synthesis Core for varied-scale production.

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Gene Therapy and Drug Loading into Nanocarriers

The Core will facilitate the incorporation of therapeutic payloads into nanoparticles, utilizing various strategies based on the cargo and application.

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Evaluating Targeting Fidelity In Vitro

Core co-directors will provide expertise in assessing the targeting accuracy of nanotherapeutics both in lab settings and live subjects.
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Short RNA Delivery Solutions

Our team specializes in developing and optimizing short RNA delivery methods, specifically targeting kidney cells using peptide ligands.
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Meet Our Navigators

Isabella Suzuki, PhD

Research Associate

Swagat Sharma, PhD

Research Associate

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