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Celebrate World Kidney Day & Sock It to Kidney Disease!


Join us on World Kidney Day - March 11th - to #sockittokidneydisease and help raise awareness and empower people living with kidney disease.

Last year on World Kidney Day, we reached over 350,000 people with our #sockittokidneydisease campaign, and we're looking to go beyond that this year to amplify the World Kidney Day 2021 message of symptom management and patient empowerment so patients with kidney disease can live well and fully participate in every-day life. Ready your socks and join us! 

Why We Sock It to Kidney Disease 

For passionate kidney disease research advocate and hip-hop artist David Rush, one of the first signs something wasn’t right with his health was how tight his socks would get around his ankles. Early in his kidney disease, the swelling prevented him from wearing his favorite bright, colorful statement socks. Once he got his kidney transplant, David knew he was making progress when he could start bringing his love of fashion back to his feet again.

To honor David and the 850 million people with kidney disease, we’re showing our socks to raise awareness about kidney health for everyone everywhere.

Read more about David’s story here. Follow him on Twitter & Instagram  @DavidRushOnline

How You Can Participate

  1. On March 11th, wear your boldest, brightest, most colorful socks. 
  2. Show us your socks! Either solo or in a pair, snap a pic of your socks to share. 
  3. Post to Instagram or Twitter with hashtags #SockItToKidneyDisease and #WKD and tag @NU_Nephrology. 

We hope you'll join us! 

Need a little inspiration? Check out our photo album and Twitter moment from World Kidney Day 2020. 



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