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Step Up and Sock It to Kidney Disease on World Kidney Day 2024 with NUGoKidney!

Get ready to rock your socks on World Kidney Day, March 14th. 

The Inspiration Behind Socking It to Kidney Disease

David Rush, a passionate advocate for kidney disease research and a hip-hop artist, first noticed an issue with his health in 2006, when his socks became unusually tight around his ankles. This swelling, a symptom of his early kidney disease, hindered him from wearing his preferred vibrant, statement socks. After receiving a kidney transplant in 2010, David saw a significant improvement and reintroduced his flair for fashionable socks. In honor of David and the 850 million people with kidney disease, we're showing off our socks to shine a light on kidney health for all.

800,000+People Reached in 2023

How You Can Participate


How to Participate:

  1. Mark March 14th as your day to make a statement with your socks.
  2. Choose your most eye-catching, vibrant socks.
  3. Take a photo - solo or with a friend - flaunting your funky socks.
  4. Share it on Instagram or X using #SockItToKidneyDisease and #WorldKidneyDay, and tag @NU_Nephrology.
  5. Be part of a movement that's as fun as it is meaningful!

📸 Need some sock-spiration? Check out last year's photo album. Let's sock it to kidney disease with style!

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